Walk with Me Social Practice Participatory Project 

Image 1: Artist Book, 10" x 7", June 2013, California/Massachusetts/New York/Pennsylvania/Maryland/Washington DC/North Carolina/Georgia, social practice performance where Paige Tighe held hands with 47 people, the participants wrote about the experience and a photograph was taken of their hands, the artist book and blog documented the experience 

Image 2: Walk with Me Book, Example of Interior, 10" x 14," June 2013, Example of page layout in book weaving together participants writings with artists' reflections

 Pedestal & the All Girl Band, Conceptual Band with Mobile Karaoke Unit


Image 3: Pedestal & the All Girl Band, Performance Troup, 2010-2014, used pop music and their mobile karoake unit to discuss current political issues and the phenomenon of music to bring people together, performed at Soundwalk Long Beach, Kristi Engle Gallery, Bansdall Gallery, Trespass Parade directed by Rikrit Tiravanija, and 18th Street Art Center in Los Angeles 

Image 4: Pedestal & the All Girl Band, Oct 2 2012, Pop Kart Dimensions those of a standard cart with a boom box strapped to the front, Trepass Parade part of the Pacific Standard Time exhibitions, we sang Changes by David Bowie as we marched, directed by Rikrit Tiravanija, produced with West of Rome curator Emi Fontana

 Laton Live: Rural Revitilization Project, Directed by Suzanne Lacy, Funded in Part by Ford Foundation

Image 5: Rural Revitalization Project, 2009, Laton, CA and Banrsdall Gallery, Los Angeles, First Part was a nine month pubic practice project that culminated in a night time performance along main street building walls, projected videos of town members welcoming people into their homes, the fields that surround Laton, and local businesses. along with this the sign we sponsored to Laton made by high school shop students was presented. Live music was played in two locations. More people than the population of the town came out to the event. Second Part was an installation of the interviews we did with townspeople, a Laton Market replica that inside had all the Otis Graudate student interviews about being a part of the project, along with all of our Needs/Assets notes about Laton. Also in the replica were the videos that had been projected on the main street buildings.