Paige Tighe

2341 University Ave. W #114, St Paul, MN, 55114  |  | 952-215-1170


Social Practice Artist with ten years' experience in arts administration, event production, and video production. Five years experience with social media marketing,  and curatorial installation. Pursuing roles with organizations looking for creative ways to craft their brand and story to better reach local communities. Passionate about people and helping them connect to resources, spaces, and fun. Interest lies in community outreach, health and wellness, elder care, and the arts.


Innovative Leader Bring stakeholders together Video Production

Clear Focused Public Speaker                         Find sponsors Event Production/Management

Lead groups to define clear goals                    Social Media Marketer Exhibition Production

Key Skills

  • MFA in Public Practice with seven years’ experience running and creating interactive performative art

  • Teaching experience, including workshops in dance and visual arts, as well as 5 years of teaching assistant experience in Integrated Learning (working in community settings with college students to create projects that impact change through art)

  • Technical Proficiency in painting, installation, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, performance direction, improvisational dance direction, and storyboarding

  • Assistant Project Manager for $100k Ford Foundation Grant project directed by Suzanne Lacy

  • Graduate of the ArtSage Teaching Artist Training. Year-long workshop in Arts and Aging.

  • Versed in community-building through movement techniques using Rachel Rosenthal, Theater of the Oppressed and La Pocha Nostra techniques

  • Event Planning experience produced 27 hour telethon with dozens of producers and artists


2013- Present

Walk with Me

Social Practice Performance Project where I walk with participants while holding their hands. We photograph and write about the experience as collaborators. Have worked with Play the River LA, Double Dutch Press, Graphic Designer Alec Catolico, and sixty plus walkers at the Walker ARt Center, along the LA River, and walks starting in Boston, MA traveling down the coast by bus and train to Athens, GA. First book was a successful Kickstarter and the second book was funded by UCLA.


Reunion: Reunión/Laton Live, Laton, CA and Los Angeles, CA

-Production Manager for nine-month community collaborative directed by Suzanne Lacy

Managed team of eight artists in organizing workshops, art projects, video shoots, and events with the community of Laton, CA

-Assistant Producer of Laton Live, the culminating event including large performances and live music, directed by Suzanne Lacy



Feminist Video Quarterly Summer

Co-curate quarterly feminist screenings Floating Library

Screened personal project, Sextet Videos Transit Logs Artist Book part of Floating Library


October Summer

Everything Will Happen, Floating Library

screened four videos Walk with Me Artist Book part of Floating Library

One of Us Gallery Traveled to Pittsburgh and to Lake Phalen, MN

Downtown Los Angeles, CA


Walk with Me with Play the LA River

Along the LA River, the Valley, LA, Long Beach

(refer to publications)


July 12, 26 Aug 2, 7 Feb-March

Walk with Me at Walker Open Field How to Be a Feminist Artist, Walk with Me exhibited

Walker Art Center , Minneapolis, MN Women Press named this exhibit a Changemaker of 2014

Catherine G. Murphy Gallery

St. Catherine’s University, St. Paul, MN


June 29 July 12-13

Walk with Me Exhibit LABOR-ation in "New Shoes #3" at Highways Performance Space

Fox Egg Gallery Directed and performed in 10 minute experimental dance

Minneapolis Santa Monica

Curatorial Experience

Curatorial Fellow, Ben Maltz Gallery  | 2010–2012 | Ben Maltz Gallery

-Produced all 15 exhibition openings, workshops, and a two day symposium

-Produced 2 exhibitions completely on my own

-Assisted in all curatorial tasks for the exhibition Doin’ It in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s Building, part of the Getty’s Initiative Pacific Standard Time


Walk with ME Artist Book published June 2013, Artist Book #2 Published 2016

Walk with ME PR, KCET LA:

Laton Live PR, LA Times:

MTN Fundraising PR: